The Sidebar

An overview of the sidebar

Video Tutorial

In case you don’t feel like reading, here is a video tutorial explaining the sidebar.


The sidebar is divided into three sections. If you hover your mouse over your company name, you can log out using the down arrow, and you can hide the navigation bar using the double arrows on the right side.


1. Search, Home, Inbox and Settings

The first section includes a quick search, your inbox, and your personal settings (as well as account settings if you have administrator rights).

Search: With quick search (Ctrl + K or ⌘ + K on Mac) you can search for specific goals, teams or people. By clicking on one of the search results, you will then land on the respective goal, team page or public profile of a workspace member.

Home page: Your homepage allows you to access all of Mooncamp's tools available to you without having to switch windows. It also gives you an overview of all goals you are the owner of.

Inbox: In your inbox you can see all tasks assigned to you and reminders for e.g. upcoming check-ins or surveys, as well as notifications about relevant comments and mentions within the platform.


Settings: In your profile settings you can set things like your profile image, your name and your language. Furthermore, under β€œNotifcations” you can specify your preferences if and how you want to be notified by Mooncamp about certain events.

2. Spaces: Team & Organization

Further, in your workspaces you can see your team and navigate to all other teams, including your organization. If you have the right to create teams, you can also create new teams and subteams by clicking the "+" sign via "View all".

3. Tools

In this list you can see all tools of Mooncamp that you have access to as a user, such as goals or check-ins.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: