An overview of Check-ins

What are Check-ins?

A check-in is an update from an employee on their work progress. Employees can, for example, enter updates of their goals/OKRs in a weekly cycle, comment on them and also answer various questions, such as:

  • What did you work on last week?
  • What are your priorities for this week?

Why should you use Check-ins?

(Weekly) Check-ins are a simple tool to keep goals and OKRs top of mind, let everyone see what others are working on, discuss progress and new insights, and uncover where mutual support is needed. It ensures continuous feedback and learning, as well as a high level of participation and accountability in teams.

How can Check-ins be created?

Check-ins can be created by

  • clicking on "New" under the "Check-ins" tab on your homepage, team pages, or organization page.
  • navigating to Check-ins under Tools and clicking on "New".
  • clicking on "New" in the sidebar at the bottom of the page.


Overview of functions:

  1. Switch between views (display check-ins as feed or list) and create your own private (if authorized, also public) views
  2. Apply one or more filters to the list of check-ins
  3. Sort function
  4. Create new check-in (from draft or using a predefined template)
  5. Save selected view as favorite in sidebar
  6. Overview of all schedules and create new ones; including the setting of specific participants as well as recurring reminders (via email, Microsoft Teams, Slack or within the app)
  7. Overview of all templates and create new ones

Create schedules for check-ins


To create a new schedule, navigate to the Check-ins tool and click on the tab Schedules.

Step 1: Name the new schedule to be created.

Step 2: Specify the cadence with which the check-in should be sent out.

Step 3: Select the people who should receive the check-in.

Step 4: Specify the time and frequency with which reminders should be sent.

Step 5: Select the template for the reminder.

Each schedule page also contains an overview of all participants and their participation per check-in as well as the participation rate over time.

(Note: You can create templates with your own questions by clicking on the arrow next to "New" and then clicking on "Add Template").

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: