Goal Explorer

An overview of the Mooncamp Goal Explorer

With the Goal Explorer, employees can explore all goals (which are accessible to them), create, edit and update new goals, and save their own views with filters and add them as favorites to the sidebar.


A list of the main features and elements of the Goal Explorer:

  1. Switch between views, create your own private (if authorized, also public) views and explore goals with different view types (e.g. cascade or network).
  2. Change goal cycles or – if authorized – create new goal cycles
  3. Search through the goal list
  4. Combine and apply filters to the goal list
  5. Show or hide features on the goal list, sort the goal list, compare progress to previous periods (e.g. "last week")
  6. Create a new goal
  7. Properties/columns on goal lists (name, owner, last update, progress, status). The displayed properties can be changed via 5)
  8. Qualitative goal (Objective) with quantitative sub-goals (Key Results)
  9. Save selected view as a favorite in the sidebar
  10. Export view as CSV

Cascade view

Display goals as a cascading list to see the hierarchy of company objectives, departmental objectives, team objectives and individual objectives (if applicable).


Network view

View goals as a network to quickly see dependencies between goals, "islands" or clusters of goals.


If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: support@mooncamp.com