Right-Click Function

An overview of the different functions available when you right-click on a goal.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t feel like reading, check out the video tutorial below.

Right-Click Function described

When you are working in Mooncamp and are looking at a list of your goals, you can hover over a goal and then right-click. You will then be presented with a menu which will give you different options to choose from. You also have the possibility to multi-select a group of goals in order to use the right-click function to bulk-edit your goals. This is quite convenient because you don’t have to open the goal to make changes.

How to use the right-click function

As stated above, when looking at your list of goals, hover over one and right-click. You will then be presented with the following option:

  • Delete
  • Duplicate - make a copy of the goal
  • Duplicate to cycle - copy a goal to a future cycle
  • Create subgoal - create a sub-aligned goal or child goal
  • Edit property - edit the properties e.g. Cycle, Parent Alignment, Owner etc.
  • Edit access rights - edit who has which level of access to the goal


You have the same possibilities with the multi-select except for “Create subgoal”.


Video FAQs

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