Custom Dashboards

An overview of Custom Dashboards for goals and OKR reporting.

Custom dashboards are available for customers in the Pro and Enterprise plan.

Custom Dashboards explained

Custom dashboards can be configured freely and can be used to visualize any kind of data within Mooncamp for the reporting of your OKRs and beyond. Custom Dashboards can be displayed publicly or privately and can be shared with chosen access groups. Therefore they are especially helpful for the facilitation of management or department meetings or any other use cases that might require privacy. This could, for example, be a Company Cockpit containing general info about the company, a Quarterly Business Review on the company’s achievements, challenges and OKR progress, a Weekly Management Report, a Department Overview or a Personal Dashboard for individual users (for more details and screenshots on these use cases, please scroll down to ‘Custom Dashboard Examples’).

How to use Custom Dashboards

In the following video we will give you a run through the major functions of Custom Dashboards. You will learn:

  • How to create and customize dashboards, including adding different types of metrics, text fields, bullet lists, and images
  • How to resize and restructure items on the dashboard using drag and drop
  • How to apply filters within a list and create new content, such as goals and metrics

Further, it is possible to duplicate single cards as parts of the dashboard as well as entire dashboards in order to use them as a template for further teams, departments or meetings. To duplicate a dashboard, navigate via Tools > Dashboards to the overview that shows a list of all your Custom Dashboards. Hover to the dashboard you would like to duplicate and use the right-click to do so. To duplicate a card on one of your Custom Dashboards you can use the menu in the upper right corner of each card.

Of course, you can also favourite Custom Dashboards to your sidebar in order to always have your most important data available in one click.

Custom Dashboard Examples

A few of many potential use cases can be the following:

  • Company Cockpit: An executive summary encapsulating the company's vision, mission, and values, as well as top-level KPIs and overall OKR progress.
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR): An in-depth analysis of quarterly achievements, growth, challenges, strategic initiatives, as well as OKR highlights and lowlights.
  • Weekly Management Report: A report that highlights key accomplishments, challenges, and focus areas for the week, aiding in short-term decision-making and planning.
  • Department Overview: A comprehensive snapshot of a department's mission, key metrics, goals, team members, and other possible reports, like OKR leaderboards.
  • Personal Dashboard: A tailored view featuring individual OKRs, your check-ins, personal notes, relevant files, and quick links to your team members public profiles.

Your Feedback on Custom Dashboards

In the upper right corner of a custom dashboard you can find a “Feedback”-button where you can send us your feedback that directly concerns this new feature. This helps us to refine the feature as fast as possible, e.g. should anything need to be adjusted or improved. We can't wait to hear your ideas and suggestions! 😍

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: