Progress Dashboard

An overview of the Progress dashboard for goals and OKRs.

Important note: In order to grant all members access to progress- and health dashboards, this needs to be set once by the admin under Settings > Access groups > Member > Can view progress and health dashboards.

The Progress dashboard provides information on the progress of all goals, grouped by team or employee. Any number of filters can be applied to show, e.g., goals that have not been updated yet, are not aligned, or are at risk.


List of the features and elements of the Goals Dashboard:


Switch between views and create your own private (if authorized, also public) views.

2. Key Metrics

  • Overall progress: the total progress of all goals (based on filters) inculding the expected value at the current time
  • Goals at risk: All goals with the status "Off Track"
  • Total number of goals and goals by type (e.g. Objective or Key Result)

3. Progress Charts

The progress of all filtered goals over the selected time period as well as the progress distribution of all filtered goals in that time frame.

4. Status Charts

The development of the statuses of all filtered goals over the selected time period as well as the distribution of statuses across all filtered goals in that time frame.

5. Metrics by Team / Employee

The metrics can be grouped by team or employees in the upper right corner of the chart. For instance, here you can see how the goal progress or status of the teams or employees compares or which teams or employees have not yet updated any goals.

6. Cycle Filter

Here you can select the respective goal cycle. Multiple cycles can also be selected.

7. Further Filters

Apply filters to goal evaluation. Possible filters are e.g.:

  • Type
  • Team
  • Owner
  • Parent alignment
  • Aligned item
  • Progress
  • Last updated
  • Status

8. Comparison

Compare the data of your current dashboard to one day, week, month or some custom time frame ago.

9. Save selected view as favorite in the sidebar via the button Favorite in the upper right corner of the page.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: