Rights and Access Control

Managing permissions and access groups

As an admin, you can manage the rights of all employees or specific access groups under Settings > Acces Groups.

By default, these two access groups are created:

  • All Users
  • Admin
  • image

Edit an access group

The permissions of the access groups can be edited by clicking on the respective group.


Creating an access group

Group members

Here all members of the group are defined, who will have the permissions specified below. It is possible to select users manually or by using properties of the users (team, location, manager, etc.).



When creating a new access group, the following permissions can be set:

Managing the account

  • Managing account settings
  • Managing rights and access groups
  • Managing properties
  • Managing teams
  • Managing users
  • Managing public views

And depending on which tools are enabled within your organization, the following permissions:

Managing goals

  • Manage goal settings and goal cycles
  • Has full access to all goals
  • Can see reports and dashboards for goals
  • Can create goals
  • Can choose from all teams and their members

For more detailed information on these rights for goals, please see here.

Managing check-ins

  • Manage check-in templates and settings

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: support@mooncamp.com