Access Rights for Goals

Access Rights for Goals described

In Mooncamp there are two different ways to determine access rights to goals. Once as the general default setting for all goals created in the account, these can be set by admins only. Secondly, as individual access rights for single or multiple goals, these can also be set by non-admins and goal creators and can override the default setting (see below).

Default Settings (Admins)

As an admin, you have the possibility to define default settings that apply to the creation of each goal, regardless of who creates the goal.

Important note for admins: We recommend you to define these default settings before creating goals in the account (by the admin or by users), because the settings will be applied only to goals created afterwards, but not to goals created before.

You can configure the default access settings under Settings > Goals.


Please note that this setting takes effect as soon as new goals are created. The settings will not be applied retroactively to formerly created goals. We therefore advise you to setup the general default setting before creating your goals in Mooncamp.

In this video we explain the procedure step by step:

Individual Settings (Non-Admins)

As the creator (admin or non-admin) of a goal, you can define which access rights apply to this goal, regardless of the default settings. This is useful in case you want to set different access rights on your goals than the default ones, for example if you want to make some goals private or editable for specific users. To bulk edit several goals at once, you can mark the chosen goals and use the right-click function to edit the access rights.

In this video we explain the procedure step by step:

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