SSO Setup

An overview on how to set up SSO in Mooncamp.

Video Tutorial

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SSO described

SSO means “Single Sign-On” and this function allows you to use your Microsoft or Google account to sign in without having to create a new password. At Mooncamp, we offer Microsoft and Google SSO. We also offer SAML SSO (for providers like Okta), in case you are interested, please ask your Mooncamp contact person our our support team for more details.

Note: Your IT administrators might need to first approve Mooncamp as a provider before you can use SSO. Further, it is important for the setup of SSO that the email address of a user in Mooncamp is the same as at your provider (e.g. Microsoft).

Setting up SSO

In order to set up SSO in your account, you just need to make sure it is activated for the appropriate provider. To do that, navigate to the settings and then “Security and Identity Settings”. There you will find three options:

  • Allow login via password
  • Allow login via Google
  • Allow login via Microsoft

We recommend choosing one and deactivating the others for security reasons. Although, depending on how your organization is structured, it might make sense to allow multiple options.


Once you have made sure everything is set up correctly, the users just need to be added to your Mooncamp account with their Microsoft or Google email and they will be able to log in using SSO.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: