Google Sheets / Excel Online Integration

An overview of the data integration with Google Sheets.

The Google Sheets / Excel Online integration described

The Google Sheets / Excel Online integration allows you to pull data from a specific cell within a Google Sheets / Excel Online document and use it to automatically update your goals in Mooncamp. In order to access documents via Mooncamp, you need to have access to the Google Sheets / Excel Online file with your e-mail. You will also need to create a connection to Google Sheets / Excel Online.

Connecting goals to Google Sheets / Excel Online

As a first step, the admin of your Mooncamp account needs to make sure that the integration is activated via Settings > Integrations > Data Integrations > Google Sheets / Excel Online.

In order to connect to Google Sheets / Excel Online, please see our article on connecting to data integrations: Connecting goals to data integrations

Please be aware that for Google Sheets you can only connect files from your personal gDrive and no files from any shared folders. The same is the case for Excel Online, here you can connect files from OneDrive, not from SharePoint. However, via the privacy settings of your data connection, you can share your files with other members within your Mooncamp account (for details, please see here.)

Selecting your cell

Once you have created the connection to Google Sheets / Excel Online, the next step is to select the document you want to reference. By clicking on the document drop down box, you will find a list of available documents. After that, you can select the correct sheet / table and lastly, you can enter the correct column and row. Now, anytime that cell is updated, it will automatically update the value in Mooncamp.

Tip for the Admins: Go to Settings → Integrations → and make sure every day is selected under “Synchronization”.
If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: