Enabling and disabling tools in Mooncamp

Learn how to easily enable or disable tools in your workspace

As an admin, you can enable or disable tools such as Goals or Check-Ins for your organization under Settings > General.


If your organization wants to use only single solutions/tools (e.g. OKRs and goals), it makes sense to disable all other tools available in the account, so that they are not accessible for employees. The tools can be reactivated at any time, should your organization decide to use additional tools at some point.

Similarly, if you are doing a complete rollout of the Mooncamp platform, it may make sense to start with the most important tools first and add more tools in stages so as not to overwhelm your employees at the beginning. Of course, this always depends on how familiar the organization already is with the respective tools and processes.

Note: Depending on the plan your organization is on, some modules may not be available.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: support@mooncamp.com