Differences between Essential and Pro Plan

An overview of the differences between the two plans

Pricing plans explained

At Mooncamp, we offer two major pricing plans as well as one plan for enterprise clients with a larger amount of employees. If you are only just starting with OKRs or looking to test a first dedicated software as a small team, the Essential Plan is a great way to start. If you are looking to standardize and scale your OKRs, the Professional Plan is the way to go. If you are an enterprise organisation and require close support on your journey of implementing OKRs or a software, our Enterprise Plan would be just right for you.

Key differences between our Essential and Professional Plan

If you don’t feel like reading, in the following video, we walk you through the key differences between our Essential and Professional Plan.

Goal and OKR rules - you can set up required properties for your team or individual properties, ensuring that nothing is missed. Further, you can define the structure of your OKRs. For instance, you can select the alignment and prevent objectives from being children of key results. On the Health Dashboard, available in the Pro Plan, you have an overview of missing properties, misaligned goals or OKRs with invalid measurement types. This keeps your process streamlined, organized and healthy.

Goal Weighting - Measurement is also a breeze with the professional plan. You have the ability to assign weights to each key result or sub-goal of an objective. This way you can granularly define the importance of each key result and thus, prioritize what matters most.

Goal Tree View - The new goal tree view provides a comprehensive overview of your objectives and key results. It offers the most visual way of displaying your goals and OKRs and you can easily move or realign these via drag and drop. The view can actually be used as a drawing board to map out all your strategic pillars, focus areas, goals, and initiatives in a hierarchical view.

Multi-alignment of goals - You can align key results to multiple objectives so their progress is counted in multiple parent goals.

Custom Dashboards - With this advanced feature, you can create your own personalized dashboards, adding individual metrics, goals, and customized text fields. It's perfect for several reporting scenarios and keeping everyone on track.

Personalized onboarding - We offer account setup and onboarding sessions tailored to your needs. These are implemented by our Customer Success team with each member being officially certified as OKR master.

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