With Mooncamp's Jira integration, you can easily synchronize all issues, user stories or epics in Jira with goals in Mooncamp. The progress of goals can thus be updated automatically.

Before setup (required for on-premise hosting)

If your Jira instance is hosted on-premise (self-managed), you should ask your IT/Jira administrator to set up an Application Link within Jira.

Please note that if the Application Link is not configured in your Jira instance, the Jira connection will fail.

Create a new Jira connection

Step 1: Link a goal to Jira by clicking "Start and Target Value" under "Progress" and then "Connect to data source". A window will open where you will need to provide information about the integration.

Step 2: Adjust the name of the Jira connection if needed and select whether all users of this account in Mooncamp should be able to access the connection.

Step 3: Select whether your Jira instance is self-managed (on-premise) or hosted in the cloud. If you're not sure which type your instance is, check with your IT/Jira administrator.

Step 4: Connect to Jira

  • For self-managed instances, click the "Sign in with Jira" button and follow the instructions.

  • For cloud instances, enter the email address and API token associated with your Jira account. The instructions for creating an API token for your Jira Cloud account can be found here.

Done! 🎉 You can now have goals in Mooncamp automatically updated using the connection you created with Jira.

Update goals with Jira

Step 1: Fill in the "JQL" field. The Jira issues are retrieved with a JQL query. The JQL query can be copied from Jira.

Step 2: Select a metric you want to track.

A selection of possible metrics are listed here:

  • Count of Tickets

  • Time Spent

  • Original Estimate

  • Remaining Estimate

  • Progress

Note: For more information on how Jira handles time and progress tracking, see this Jira article.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team: support@mooncamp.com

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