How the progress of goals is to be measured can be specified for each goal by clicking on "Progress".

There are four options for measuring progress of goals:

  • Open/Done

  • Start and target value

  • Aggregation

  • None (no progress bar is shown)


With this binary option, the goal can either be Open or Done. This option is mainly suitable for goals or initiatives with task or milestone character.

Start and Target Value

With this option, start and target value for a metric and the corresponding unit can be defined (e.g. Start: 0 % => Target: 100 %).

Furthermore, by clicking on "Connect to data source" the goal can be automatically updated with integrations to other tools such as Asana, Jira or Excel. This allows to automate the otherwise manual updating of goals.


With the "Aggregation" option, the progress of the goal will be expressed as a percentage of the average progress of all goals below it. Thus, the progress is will go from 0 to 100%. If the subgoals are not measured on a scale from 0 to 100% and have other units (which often happens), they will be translated to the percentage scale beforehand.

Example for calculating the aggregated progress:

Progress (Aggregation)



Key Result 1


Key Result 2


Key Result 2


None (no progress is measured)

Finally, there is the option of not displaying any progress at all. This can be useful, for example, for Objectives or other goals that are strictly qualitative in nature.

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