The following statuses are available for goals in Mooncamp:

  • Not Started (The goal has only been created and has not yet received an update)

  • Off Track (The goal deviates significantly from the plan)

  • Progressing (The goal deviates slightly from the plan)

  • On Track (The target is on track)

  • Completed (The goal has been reached and completed)

By default, the status of goals is automatically calculated based on the specified thresholds of the traffic light system (Settings > Goals > Progress Settings). However, users have the possibility to manually override the status if needed.

Important: The automatic calculation of the status takes into account the time remaining in the goal cycle. For example, if the traffic light system specifies that you must have reached 90% of a goal to be "On Track" and the goal progress is 50%, the goal would be "Off Track" at the end of the cycle, but "On Track" in the middle of the cycle.

For administrators, the traffic light system is configurable under Settings > Goals > Progress Settings.

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