As an admin, you can add new employees to your workspace or edit existing ones under Account > Settings.

On the employee management page you can:

  • Add employees manually

  • Add multiple employees via CSV import

  • Edit employee information (name, email, language, ...)

  • Delete employees from Mooncamp

  • Send invitations to Mooncamp to individual employees by email

Add employees manually

By clicking on "Add user" you can create a new user and specify name, email, account language, and any other custom properties you have created.

If you check the box "Send invitation email" when adding a new employee, the employee will receive an invitation via email.

Import employees via CSV

By clicking on "Import CSV" you can upload a CSV file (Comma Separated Value) with all employees. Here you can also download a CSV file as a template.

For each new row in the CSV file a new employee will be added.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team:

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