Welcome to Mooncamp!

Mooncamp is an OKR and engagement platform for modern businesses. We support organizations in the new world of work through agile tools like OKRs and pulse surveys.

This article will help you get an overview of Mooncamp and fully set up your account before inviting the rest of your employees.

Step 1: Get familiar with the Mooncamp platform.

Step 2: Set up your organization in Mooncamp

  • Upload logo, enter company name and vision if applicable

  • Determine tools from Mooncamp you want to start with

  • Configure your notifications

  • Create teams (and sub-teams)

  • Create or import employees (you can invite them later, if you like)

  • Set the permissions of all employees

  • Set up custom properties in the property system

Schritt 3: Familiarize yourself with Mooncamp's tools and set them up for your organization

  • Goals and OKRs

  • Check-ins

Schritt 4: Invite all employees! 🎉

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