Access Rights for Goals and OKRs

An overview of the different kinds of access rights for goals and OKRs

As an administrator, you can access the rights management via Settings > Access Rights. From here, administrators can modify existing rights groups or create new ones.

The following rights for goals can be configured:

Management of goal settings and cycles

Authorized users have access to advanced goal settings via Settings > Goals (e.g. configuring the traffic light system) and are allowed to create and modify goal cycles.

Unrestricted access to all goals

This right allows selected users to view, edit, and delete all goals.

Can view dashboards

Authorized users have access to the Goals Dashboards.

Can create goals

Authorized users can create goals.

Users can choose from all teams and their members

For team and user properties on goals, users are allowed to choose from all workspace teams and users, not just from their teams and their teams' members.

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